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Welcome to An unofficial web site on the net dedicated to the genre of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks and has been designed to provide all FF (Fighting Fantasy) and AFF (Advanced Fighting Fantasy) fans with an exciting online community that you can come too and enjoy. A resource of information on all the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook series by Wizard Books as well as the original publishers Penguin.

Animated Covers of Fighting Fantasy is excited to provide all FF and AFF fans with a guide to everything FF related, exclusive unseen FF material, fiction, amateur adventures, reviews, maps, walkthroughs, exhaustive FF campaign guides, interviews, competitions and much, much, more. For those of you wanting to learn the art of AFF role-playing this site will also serves as a source of information to learn how.

Regularly updated the site is also home to in depth rules on the AFF game, character creation, gaming tips, DM help, forums, character sheets, spell lists, skills, campaign guides and everything else you'll need to design and play your own Advanced FF adventures.

The site is dedicated to the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook series currently being published by Wizard Books and originally published by Penguin. To find out more about the series and the books click here. Click here.

Why not visit the brand new web site for Wizard Books range of children’s books! Wizard Books publish both fiction and non-fiction for children around the ages of 8 to 13. They have plenty of exciting books to bring you over the coming year, and you will find details of everything they are doing right there.

There’s lots more too. Read extracts of FF Books, win books and other prizes, play a very special game and read all about our authors. There’s also lots for grown-ups too. Checkout the site by clicking here.

Send all your creations to our growing community whether ideas, news, reviews, solutions, maps, out of the pit creatures, character guides, short stories, amateur adventures or letters to Warlocks Quill at:

[email protected]

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Now is the time to join and become a member of the Fighting Fantasy community. By registering with ourselves you will gain access to an exclusive newsletter each month. To further enjoy the community surrounding FF join our new .php AFF Forum.

We would ask that all members please enclose your full e-mail address, full forename and surname to become part of the community.

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The Fighting Fantasy Amateur area is where you can read Fighting Fantasy amateur material created by fans. Read as experts and amateurs explain how they developed there own adventures and learn the best methods in creating traps, tricks, encounters, and multiple paths.

Read exciting amateur Gamebooks, help create online Interactive adventures and stories, discuss the FF Gamebook system and rules.

We are now accepting any submissions for any FF Adventure. Submission For new FF or AFF Adventures do not have to be 400 paragraph epics. We have already received many with 50 paragraph's so send away. Click here.



We now have our a popular and thriving AFF .PHP FORUM now online. Why not take a peek and explore the many wonderful conversations currently taking place regarding Wizards FF Gamebooks, Myriadors D20 conversions, Penguins older editions and lots more. Take a look at the updates area.


Advanced Fighting is delighted to share exciting new exclusive interviews with figures from the Fighting Fantasy Genre. Every month we do are best to unveil new unseen material or interviews for your enjoyment. Over the last several months we have revealed lots of exciting unseen sketches and this month we have more in store.

Latest News... Return to Firetop Mountain cover unveiled in Exclusives area and news on the next books in the series released in 2004. Click here>

Check out the new unseen artwork from Mel Grant and the covers of future FF Gamebooks - Crown of the Kings, Trial of Champions, Armies of Death and more in our Interviews and Exclusives areas.

Amies of Death

Myriador D20 FF Conversions

As revealed months ago we are delighted to announce the launch of the new d20 FF adventures designed for single adventurers or small adventuring groups based on the Fighting Fantasy™ books of the same name.

The first of the new volumes are d20 conversions of Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Caverns of The Snow Witch which were launched by Myriador at Gen Con Europe on the 18th April. Both scenarios were enthusiastically received by gamers at the convention as players attempt to penetrate the depths of the Warlock's dungeons, battling the Warlock's servants and monsters, overcoming deadly traps and puzzles before confronting him in a quest for fame, fortune and power. Visit for more information.

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This area of the site is dedicated to providing you with material related to the AFF Game introduced in the Dungeoneer, Blacksand and Titan volumes. Within this area you will find all new amateur AFF rules, articles for designing and running successful adventures as well as new skills, classes, and of course spells that you will be able to download.

Magic, spell and careers (2.2mb .pdf) - A special cut down edition taster of the free AFF:2nd edition Magic Chapter by the editor of Dave Holt. *NEW*

All original content is Copyright 2001 - 2003 by David Holt. [email protected] All Rights Reserved.