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Blacksandto, the only official site dedicated to the genre of the Fighting Fantasy Game. This site has been developed to provide a resource for dedicated fans of the Fighting Fantasy phenomenon of the 80's and 90's as well as all the new fans reading the series of Gamebooks by Wizard Books for the very first time. To find out what the Fighting Fantasy phenomenon is click on the FAQ in the navigation bar above. has been designed to build a library of information regarding the FF genre in general and it is our hope that it will become a regular port of call where you can read posts, contact other FF fans, read new amateur stories and Gamebook adventures and become part of it's growing community development.

If you can recall the days of the brilliant Warlock magazine, we want this site to develop through your input as much as the FF magazine also did during its 13 issue publication.

CONTRIBUTORS : As longtime fans of FF we want this site to become as much ours as yours. An ongoing development for the FF genre. In order for the site to develop long term what we need is your assistance. What we'd like from all our visitors at the site is contributions on any of the topics below. Please read our submissions area if you would like to contribute in any form. You will get full credit for all your work.

We would like your help with the following:

ARTWORK : This site will be dedicated to posting any of your illustrated pictures or scanned images associated with the FF legacy. If anyone can provide the site with any drawings, scanned illustrations or book covers, maps, etc., Then their will be a special place for them here.

ADVENTURES : Are you considering developing a game book? Have you the skills necessary to write or devise a FF, AFF adventure? Have created one and would like to see it posted here for others to read? Do you want to see a particular FF adventure in the future that sadly was never devised? If you can answer YES to any of the above questions then contact us for more information.

REVIEWS : If you would like to post your reviews or comments about any particular FF game books, the AFF game, FF novels or handbooks, then send them to us! All contributions should be a good length (describing the story, what you liked or disliked about the book as well as any general comments and comparisons that you have with other books). If you would like to also provide a personal rating out of 10 in comparison to other FF books I can then post a rating system in the future. I know most people believe they're all good, but some of them are a lot better than others, and the lower ratings will reflect that.

SOLUTIONS : Solutions to game books could provide a way to help other readers who have found a particular adventure tough. For most people, this is easy to accomplish - but for others it is less so. If you would like to provide detailed information on how to finish an adventure, solve the puzzles, crack the codes then send your solutions to us. They need not be extensive or exhaustive (it's up to you whether you want offer a bare minimum of help to a complete walk through or a lot more), but bare in mind not to give to much of the plot or story away otherwise there is no point in playing the book for the other readers. Last and most important, don't give away the ending. It is always easy to read the ending anyway but bare in mind some readers won't have.

AFF : If you have created characters, places or events during your FF or AFF adventures, or have even started a campaign we would be delighted to hear from you. If you have devised your own campaign world and setting for AFF and would like to see it on the web again let us know about it.

MULTI-PLAYER : The creation of an adventure is a tough process and requires a lot of time and patience. Not only have you got to consider the plot, setting, size and timescale in which to play it, but also the players, the events that will happen and characters they'll encounter. For this reason, many people miss out on the brilliance of fantasy role-playing (particularly if they can't find any other experienced players). We are especially looking for individuals who are skilled in this area. If you are currently playing another more popular role-playing game and have devised your own adventures, post us a general outline and plot. Provide details of events, encounters, creatures and characters met along with any maps and epilogue.



Fighting Fantasy, FF, Advanced Fighting Fantasy, AFF, are registered trade marks of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. All images upon the site are used with permission and are intended for the sole purpose of providing a visual guide to the Fighting Fantasy genre. No challenge whatsoever is intended to the status of any intellectual property rights of the artists or authors of the Fighting Fantasy Series, including, but not limited to trademarks and copyrights of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. This site has no legal connection or relationship with any of the above.



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