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What's New Monday 14th June 2004 @ 10:35 GMT

Well many apologies and also welcome. After a brief hiatus with the site temporary down, we are now back for our army of fans. The Official FFG website - has taken a lot of my time recently and more unofficial FF updates will be added to the site in the not too distant future.

Please join the Official Adventurers Guild' at to receive your free Members pack and a bi-monthly newsletter. A big thanks to all those who are still with me on this most grand of all adventure's.

Those who would like to take on an active role spell checking the site, scanning and sending covers from every book and the versions available, providing new character reviews, amateur 50+paragraph adventures, artwork or FF RPG material please do so.

Upcoming updates:

  • New Titan Religious guide - by Dave A Holt including an original never before seen exclusive detailed 265 page guide to every deity of Titan along with information on the Gods of the Celestial Court, Hall of the Mind, depths of the Pit and the new Hall of Souls.
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