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DungeoneerCopyright © 2001/2002/2003 - All Rights Reserved. We have a privacy policy and it is very simple. We don't collect any information about you unless you volunteer it to our site and any information received we never share with anyone else. If you provide your e-mail address on our site, you do so freely. We only use it for our free mailing list that we send out to all members or when you request a reply.

For your peace of mind we also have a zero tolerance Spam policy! This means that will and have gone out of our way to protect your identity and respect your privacy while visiting our Web site, that is unless you provide your e-mail through our visible submissions sections or Forums. When doing so, you knowingly acknowledge that all others visiting our site can see your private e-mail address.

Should you ever contact us to ask a question or comment on the site or content, any information you send will be used only to take action and reply. Personal information collected via this form will never be shared with other individuals or companies.

Should you ever fill in a feedback form or mail form on our site again, any information that you provide when sending us feedback will be used only to improve the content of the site. As we have mentioned before, all suggestions that are ever sent to us are always personally replied to within 96 hours.

The AFF Yahoo Forum is our chat room which is provided to us through Yahoo Forum. com. It is a free web-based chartroom, thus all information provided by users is un-secure and is not our responsibility. Use at your own risk!

Questions and comments regarding the above policy should be directed as always to via our Contact e-mail addresses. Additional information can be found in our Disclaimers section.

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All original content is Copyright 2001 - 2003 by David Holt. [email protected] All Rights Reserved.