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SorceryWelcome to the Advanced Fighting New rules area. This area of the site is dedicated to Advanced Fighting Fantasy the Role-playing game introduced in the Dungeoneer, Blacksand and Titan volumes. Within this area you will find all new amateur AFF rules, articles for designing and running successful adventures as well as new skills, classes, and of course spells. We will update this area of the site as and when we receive contributions form all our visitors. If you have read any of the AFF series of books and would like to express an opinion, or share your views about the AFF game, please feel free to e-mail us at the usual address: [email protected]

All of the new rules on these pages are not official Advanced Fighting Fantasy. They have been created by AFF gamesplayer and fans. On the following links below we present our first forays into the exciting new rules of Advanced Fighting

  1. Roman Heroes by Paul Elliott : A completely new guide to playing AFF in the age of the Roman Empire. Provide with a guide to playing AFF in imperial Rome, new rules, Monsters and creatures, Magic, Religion, Battles, Classes and more.
  2. New Rules AFF by Jared Milnes : All new character generation rules, new stats (My god!!!!), new armour rules and skill classifications.
  3. Shapechangers by Daniel Flanders : Ever wanted to be a Shapechanger? Here Daniel presents his AFF rules for introducing the Shapechanger class into the game.
  4. Magic and MANA by Daniel Flanders : Want to utilise new rules for magic in AFF? Have a look!
  5. The AFF Grimoire by Alastair ? : A fantastic look at the entire magic spell system of the AFF game along with numerous other additions.
  6. New Character Generation Rules by Robin Low : A look at an alternative AFF character generation system.
  7. New Character Generation Rules by Alastair Stewart: A large brilliant guide to a new generation guide including career classes.
  8. The Morton guide to Minor Magic by Alastair Stewart: A complete new guide to a new minor Magic FF system. Fantastic.
  9. New AFF generation system by Ray Holt: A complete new proposal to the AFF stat system as proposed by the above author. Excellent ideas!
  10. New modified Rules for Dungeoneer spells by Adrian Ford including the new Osmosis spells.
  11. New modified Rules for Blacksand by Adrian Ford.
  12. New Damage Table for AFF by Grant Hamono. A damage table that runs on simple throwing a single dice. Depending on the size of your weapon, you do different damage. Download in .Doc format.
  13. New AFF GENERATION RULES by Emmanuel François. A look at an alternative AFF character generation system. Download in .Doc format.
  14. New AFF COMBAT RULES by William Juanne. A look at an alternative AFF Combat system. Download in .Doc format.
  15. New FF Stats for J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth Creatures by Nathan Lindsell. *NEW*
  16. FF Spells and FF abilities articles in .doc format by John Gompers. *NEW*


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