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If you ever wanted to know more about the artists, writers and editors of the Fighting Fantasy series, then this area is for you. The interviews page is a new area of the site where we go behind the scenes of the series and interview many of those who contributed to its success. We have got many interviews waiting for you over the coming months. The first of these can be found below.

The Interviews : Below are the transcripts from interviews with some of the FF series contributors. We would like to personally thank everyone of them for contacting us and taking part. A big thank you must also go to PM - a highly respectalable author whose maturity and posts on other sites has led me to respect his FF material even more than in the past. What a guy!

Best wishes


  1. Martin McKenna
  2. Russ Nicholson
  3. John Sibbick
  4. Dave Morris
  5. Dave Carson
  6. Andrew Chapman
  7. Steve Jackson - Biography
  8. Stephen Hand
  9. Jonathan Green
  10. Leo Hartas
  11. Mel Grant - Biography
  12. Les Edwards
  13. Ian Millar
  14. Jamie Thomson
  15. Marc Smith
  16. Ian Livingstone - Biography


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