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Welcome to the Club. This area is devoted to bringing you more detailed news, exclusive amateur stories, artwork, adventures, and AFF material before it goes onto the main site. Keep checking out the area to read more about what we have in store this month and what we have coming up soon. We consistently bring YOU! all the most exclusive FF news and articles and her is a sample below:

All Links available soon!

  • Exclusive artwork from Martin Mckenna from the Zagor Boardgame.
  • Exclusive paragraphs and outline to the House of Horror. The new exciting amateur adventure by Gaetano which is now online.
  • Exclusive artwork from Tony Hough
  • Exclusive artwork from John Sibbick from AFF sourcebooks
  • Exclusive Warlock Magazine .pdf downloads.
  • Interviews with Ian Livingstone.
  • Interview with Leo Hartas.
  • Interview with Mel Grant.
  • Interview with Kevin Jenkins.
  • More soon!



  • Exclusive first looks at the covers of Caverns of the Snow witch, Trial of Champions and Sorcery II - Khare city port of Traps. <Click here>
  • Exclusive Interview with FF artist Leo Hartas. <Click Here>
  • All FF amateur adventures now online in .PDF and word format, including the excellent Bodies in the Dock by Simon Osbourne. <Click Here>
  • Amateur Novels area back online including new stories by Phil Sadler and Ovidiu Bufnila.Interactive adventure area updated with new adventures by Phil Sadler. <Click Here>
  • Steve McAnena has sent us some fantastic Pocket PC 2002 Screen Themes. <Download them here>.
  • More Adventure sheets by Caedus. <Click here>
  • Nathan Lindsell stats of some old FF monsters/creatures for those running FF games set in J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth. <Click here>
  • Saejan Gracer character profiles for Sourbelly and Ivy Trolls, Thaum, Tyutchev and Cassandra, Hawkana the High Priest. <Click here>
  • Joseph S. Myers FF errors. <Click here>
  • Jacen's interactive adventure paragraph 1 - The "Tails" of the Four Dragons. <Click here>
  • Tower of Destruction errors by Adam. <Click here>
  • Jared Milne Old World Apocrypha, Festivals, relations of Four Kingdoms, Old World Politics. <Click here>
  • Jake Edey's Lair of the Wood elves Interactive adventure paragraph 1. <Click here>
  • Derek Furlong's Vampires Bane Interactive adventure paragraph 1. <Click here>
  • Will Hamm The Adventures of Waxy Boogerbuttox Interactive adventure paragraph 1. <Click here>
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