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by Martin Mckenna (an AFF exclusive) - Part One

This area of has been designed and is devoted to bringing you exclusive unseen material from the FF game. During interviews with many of the original Fighting Fantasy contributors, many authors and artists were kind enough to reveal much about their work for the genre. In a number of these interviews via email, mail and telephone information regarding unseen gamebooks, proposals and artwork was mentioned that has never seen the light of day. This area is proud to announce and reveal that unseen information...

We are delighted to reveal this month a group of images sent to us by Martin Mckenna for you all to enjoy. All of the images here are exclusive sketches and artwork which may not be reproduced in any form on any other site.

Most of the images are from the original FF Zagor boardgame. Included here are four b/w Character Sheets - One of which is whole and the others smaller portraits. Also a few of the figure drawings for the little card tiles can be seen although they were fairly badly reproduced on the cards, partly because they needed to be printed so small.

The scans aren't great as they're taken from pretty rough colour photocopies, which are the only record that Martin now has of these pics. There were many more of these figure drawings in addition to the ones here. Also a number of images from the Spell cards, the main cards used in the game. Again, these are scanned from photocopies.

Lastly, we reveal scanned images from both sides of an advertisment sheet for the game.

Zagor Zagor ZagorZagor

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