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This area of has been designed and is devoted to bringing you exclusive unseen material from the FF game. During our many interviews with many of the original Fighting Fantasy contributors, authors and artists were kind enough to reveal much about their work for the genre. In a number of these interviews via email, mail and telephone information was revealed regarding unseen Gamebooks, proposals and artwork that has never seen the light of day. This area is proud to announce and reveal that unseen information...

First Look at Unseen Fighting Fantasy images

We are delighted to reveal this month the first look at the cover of Crypt of the Sorcerer:

New Crypt of the Sorcere cover

Click the above images to view the full designs.

AFF: Where did the design brief come from for the new book?

MM: The brief for these covers is usually the same; i.e. a strong central image with minimal background. The number of prelim. Sketches varies, sometimes half a dozen sometimes only one. It just depends how quickly it comes together. Then the final painting is done in oils on any kind of board with a fairly smooth surface. Depends on what the local Art Shop has in stock. I draw it in pencil first referring to my rough and making any changes needed. Then it gets a coat or two of acrylic gesso and it's straight in with the oil paint. I'm using Old Holland oil paint at the moment but my local shop only stocks Windsor and Newton so I use them as a kind of "default "paint.

AFF: What's next?

MM: House of hell is next up and will fit in with the new "House Style" as described above. It will feature someone transforming into a spikey demon.

A big thank you must go to Martin Mckenna for the scans, e-mails and great conversations. Thank you for again supporting the site!


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