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This area of has been designed and is devoted to bringing you exclusive unseen material from the FF game. During our many interviews with many of the original Fighting Fantasy contributors, authors and artists were kind enough to reveal much about their work for the genre. In a number of these interviews via email, mail and telephone information was revealed regarding unseen Gamebooks, proposals and artwork that has never seen the light of day. This area is proud to announce and reveal that unseen information...

First Look at Unseen Fighting Fantasy images

We are delighted to reveal this month a group of images sent to us by Martin Mckenna for you all to enjoy. All of the images here are exclusive sketches and artwork which may not be reproduced in any form on any other site of the soon to be released new City of Thieves by Ian Livingstone. AFF spoke to Martin about the images:

City of Thieves CoverCity of Thieves sketch

Click the above images to view the full designs.

AFF: Where did the design brief come from for the new book?
MM: The brief came from Ian Livingstone. He wanted a tavern scene featuring a thief threatening the reader, with a half-orc sidekick. He also wanted a buxom wench barmaid. That was more or less all he asked for initially, but then added various details such as requesting that the thief might be shown overturning the table, scattering tankards and a treasure map. These image do not really show you some of the smaller details. For example I decided to make the map an actual map of Port Blacksand, taken from the Titan book.

AFF: Are you happy with the end result?
MM: Well, it's okay I suppose. I'm never really very happy with my own work!

AFF: Can I ask how long does it take for you to come up with a final design after being given the initial brief. How many sketches do you usually try before you are roughly happy with it?
I did two sketches for City of Thieves. Took just a couple of sessions to rough out the basic design.

AFF: When you to paint the cover from initial outline to sketch and then the completion what material did you use? In the painting of Warlock and City for example, did you use Line Board to paint the final picture? What type of medium did you use for Warlock and City of Thieves and did either of these covers involve masking the characters to paint the backgrounds?
MM: The covers are painted digitally within Photoshop, using that program's basic paint tools with a Wacom tablet, in an otherwise fairly traditional way. Something you could call ''tradigital''. On my web site, check out the 'Well of Darkness' pages in the 'New' section -- there's a page there which outlines the process in a bit more detail. (One day soon I'll be fully updating the site, at long last).

AFF: Are you looking forward to any future covers, or is there a cover you would like to do?
MM: Ian Livingstone wants me to do Forest of Doom. I'm quite happy about that, as it was one of my favourites as a kid. I remember I successfully completed that book in one go, without dying. And without cheating either...

A big thank you must go to Martin Mckenna for the scans, e-mails and great conversations. Thank you for again supporting the site!

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