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Welcome to the Advanced Fighting Downloads area. provide a reference guide to all the major good guys and lethal enermies that have appeared in all the FF gamebooks and Novels. The area contains a wealth of detail on the characters and is broken down into the following two areas: We will update this area of the site as and when we receive contributions from all our visitors. If you have read any of the FF Gamebook series of books and would like to send us a character profile not presented here, please feel free to e-mail us at the usual address: [email protected]

A Guide to the forces of good

  1. Pen Ty Kora - The Healer by Richard Wood
  2. Nicodemus the Wizards by Ray Holt
  3. Yaztromo the Wizards by Richard Wood
  4. Selator Green by Ray Holt
  5. Hawkana - High Priestess of Fell Kyrinla by Saejan Gracer *NEW*
  6. Tyutchev and Cassandra by Saejan Gracer *NEW*
  7. Thaum - the Thaumaturgist by Saejan Gracer *NEW*

A Guide to the forces of Neutrality

  1. Poomchukker by Ray Holt
  2. Baron Sukumvit by Ray Holt
  3. Hannicus by Richard Wood

A Guide to the forces of evil

  1. Death by Adrian Ford
  2. Lord Carnuss by Richard Wood
  3. Lord Azzur by Richard Wood
  4. Zagor - The Warlock of Firetop Mountain by Ray Holt
  5. Marr - The Necromancer of Coven by Richard Wood
  6. Dire - Balthus Dire of the Black Tower by Richard Wood
  7. Xakhaz - Beneath Nightmare Castle by Richard Wood
  8. Razaak - the Necromancer by Ray Holt
  9. Quimmel Bone - Undead Doctor by Richard Wood
  10. Shareella the Snow Witch by Ray Holt
  11. Zanbar Bone - The Night Prince by Dave Holt and Ray Holt
  12. Darramouss - Master of the Yellowstone Mines by Alan Halpin
  13. Ivy & Sourbelly - Troll Siblings by Saejan Gracer *NEW*
  14. Craggen Dire - by Saejan Gracer *NEW*





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