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This area of has been designed as the main home for cartography of Allansia and contains a great deal of information on the main background setting of the FF Gamebooks and the AFF game world of Titan. The continent is the most notorious of all lands, and it is a region offering the greatest prizes for a daring, ambitious adventurer, but it also offers the greatest dangers. Throughout the continent the Forces of Evil are ever drawing together, growing ever stronger: in the north, corrupt humans bring forth wild magic into the world, knowing little of what they are really doing; and creatures are stirring in the southern swamps, things that will ultimately affect all of Allansia. For these reasons, if for no others, you should study Allansia in far more detail than other lands.

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Within the FF volume 'Titan' we saw only a small part of Allansia, and this area hopes to rectify that. We hope you all enjoy this area of the site and look forward to receiving your thoughts and comments in the near future. Take a tour of Allansia and explore the regions and enviroments of this fantastic continent. To travel across the lands of old Allansia, the Flatlands or other exotic areas simply click on an area of the map below to fly downwards and see more detail. By clicking on areas that interest you, you will eventually reach the most detailed fantasy maps. In's most detailed maps you will discover details on the many countries, cities, rivers and trade routes as well as other unexplored places for you to explore and develop in your own AFF adventures.

Alternatively, if you want to go straight to the detail rather than descending through the levels try the Grand Tour which starts at Salamonis. <Online soon> There are currently 256 maps complete and we are adding these over the next several month. Where you can zoom in no further look out for updates and please email us if you enjoy your tour and want to see more!


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